Shiba Squad™ has launched it's first Digital Drop!
Shiba Squad™ has launched it's first Digital Drop!
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Shiba Squad™ (2020) #1 | Physical Copy

Shiba Squad™ (2020) #1 | Physical Copy

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Published: October 2020
Writer: Matthew Werenich
Cover Artist: Vic Guiza 
Illustration, Penciling, Inking: Vic Guiza 

40-Pages of Funny, Zany and Exciting Adventures For All Ages from Award Winning Legendary Artist Vic Guiza!  

In the early years of the last century, a German Shepherd scientist, Dr. Lothar Dziatzko (or Dr. Z as he is known), escapes from Eastern Europe after he discovers the legendary magical crystals known as the “Toltec Crystals”. Landing in the city of Neo Kyoto, he built an advanced steampunk lab deep underneath his home to conduct scientific experiments.  Many may consider the lab to be antique junk now, but those machines are state of the art even today – 130 years later –because Dr. Z’s steampunk lab runs on the etheric energy from the Toltec crystals.

The modern setting for the story is Neo Kyoto, a bustling metropolis alongside the Pacific Ocean in the not so distant future.  It’s a city of peace and every day tranquility, but unbeknownst to its citizens there is a magical crystal buried underneath the city that holds the power to destroy the world or bring good to it.

Who will save this world you ask?

...Shiba Inu’s?  

Yes, Shiba Inu's! 

A new breed of heroes comes alive when seven teenage Shiba Inu friends tap into a new reality using a mythical technology that gives them tremendous abilities and unique powers, with magic Toltec Crystals as their main energy source. These high-tech heroes are the Shiba Squad™!